Loch Raven Fishing Center – Boat launch and rental.  Hours can be found on their website.

Loch Raven Trail Users Facebook Page – A group dedicated to keeping the reservoir trails clean and accessible.

Tree Identification – Follow the easy-to-use system to identify any tree.

Maryland Native Plant Society – All about native Maryland plants.

Bird Identification – Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bird ID and Sounds – Less info than Cornell, but easier to access.

Snake Identification – Maryland DNR list of snakes.

Other websites:

Birdland Love – A travel blog about the Baltimore area.

Hampden – Baltimore, MD – Restaurants, Shopping, Businesses, Entertainment and more in Hampden, Baltimore.

Dragonfly Digital Marketing – A Baltimore digital marketing firm, and one of our sponsors.

Guitar Lessons in Baltimore – David Huber is a guitar teacher residing in Hampden who provides lessons for rock, country, blues, and other styles of guitar playing.

East Coast Backpacking – A website dedicated to backpacking on the east coast of the United States.

Icarus Redeemed – A book about schizoaffective disorder of the bipolar type.

The Planet Mechanic BookA three-book series about the Holt siblings and their journey to save the universe. By Dr. Aegon Fly.

Loch Raven Reservoir is currently closed to recreational activities, including hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, boating, and fishing.

Stay safe, and see you soon!